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The off ice apparel of Chiefs Leuven can be ordered.

To be sure you can order the right size, we'll organize the possibility on Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th of November to try them on if the Chiefs office on the ice rink.

We'd like to see one order per person to avoid all confusion. When all your orders are placed you'll receive a confirmation mail with order number for your total order and the information for the payment.

Payments are done by bank transfer.

  • Bank = Record Bank
  • IBAN = BE82 6528 3083 2768
  • BIC = HBKA BE22 

Reference: Your name and order number

Final order date: 15/11/2017

The order will be placed with the supplier on 17/11/2017. If we didn't receive your payment before that date , your order will not be taken into account

What can you buy?

The super cool short and T-shirt to be a real Chief next to the ice.

SHORT CHIEF: (youth:20€ / adult:25€)

T-SHIRT CHIEF: (youth:25€ / adult:30€)

This season we have the new tracking suit:

Track Jacket Alpha: (youth:35€ / Adult:40€)

Track pants alpha: (youth:30€ / adult:35€)


The hoodie remains the same, the right marvellous hoodie to show off wherever you are:

Hoodie: (youth:35€ / adult:40€)


NEW: For those assisting in elite games or supporting on the side and like to have it very warm or just as a decent coat for winter we present the  3in1 Jacket: 

3in1 Jacket: (youth:85€ / adult:95€)

Off course all these items will have he CHIEFS logo embroidery !!


For those fast as lightining some items from previous season remain, reserve them quick if your size is there:

Training jacket (35€)

Adult M             2stuks
Adult S             1stuk
Junior 116        1stuk 

Training pants (25€)

Adult M             2stuks
Junior 116         1stuk

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Training jacket(youth 35€, adult 40€)

Training pants (kind 30€, volwassen 35€)

Hoodie (youth 30€, adult 40€)

3in1 jacket (youth 85€, adult 95€)

Short (youth 20€, adult 25€)

T-shirt (youth 25€, adult 30€)

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Order your office equipement

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